Friday, July 11, 2014

four free favorites

I've been very aware that some of this week's very best activities were quite free. Can you think back to some of the things you enjoyed most this week? Any of them not cost a cent? I'm sure at least one of them did... nice to acknowledge the moments that don't have a price tag, but are worth quite a bit.

1. Picking wildflowers. Who needs a florist when you can go in your own backyard (or country ditches, as is the case for the lovely bouquet above).
2.  Creative pursuits with supplies on hand. I'll share more on popsicle stick stable/barn making soon. It's our summer rage.
3. Foraging for berries in the woods. Blackcaps are having a wonderful year!
4. Freshening spaces by using old favorites in new and unexpected ways. Full post coming on how my mom suspended her parasol collection from the ceiling yesterday.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with priceless moments!

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1 comment:

  1. You call them blackcaps? We call them black raspberries!! How interesting it is to hear what they are named in other regions! We especially love the jam they make (even DOUBLY or TRIPLY so when pappy makes it for us!)