Tuesday, July 8, 2014

barn table lamp

 We are spending a ton of time with my mom at the barn. Once again she is transforming the space and coming up with innovative projects using what she's got on hand from her fascinating collection of  retro and rescued pieces. She had bought several vintage factory molds a while back. She found them visually exciting and wanted to display them or put them to use some how.  And so she did! Two are strung with wire and suspended from the ceiling. Another was retrofitted onto a stool as an end table with benefits.
 step 1: find the perfect stool
 step 2: cut a piece of masonite to size and screw to bottom
Step 3: place mold on top of stool
Note the fabulous cup holders and perfect base for a lamp!
Step 4: Set up a lamp with interesting lighting components like a cage light and an old metal basket.
Leave it to my mom!

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  1. Maya, it is so nice to have your mother back at her barn! I am sure she loves those extended periods of time during the summer months where she can dedicate time and thought to her barn and family!!! How refreshing! I wish we all had those extended periods of time! But at least I can live through her experiences! :) Thanks for posting!