Monday, December 23, 2013

tomato cage tree

Whoever said that you need a real tree to hang your decorations from hasn't talked to my mother. She is the queen of alternative trees. Knowing this, I set aside one of my old tomato cages for her. She "did it up" just right with all kinds of vintage ornaments and little unexpected surprises.
Like tin kazoos and doll teacups...
Mini locks with their keys and tape measures
Turn an old tomato cage upside down and pull the three prongs together at the top. That's it!
Many folks on instagram have been asking about the white wooly goodness my daughter is sitting on. It's a flokati rug from IKEA. Perfect winter addition to any couch, but don't sit on it wearing black or you'll look like you've been lounging with a polar bear. 
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  1. AB-So-lutely Brilliant! Love this idea ... off to the cold garage :)

    Sending you all much love and wishes for a truly magical holidays! So grateful for your Light in my life. xo

  2. You are the Queens of Creativity! Darling tree.

  3. What a fantastic idea! I have a couple cages in the garden that have seen better days. I'm going to send my husband out there so we can put up our extra ornaments. Thank you!

  4. That tree is perfect. I need to pin it for another year. Love it so much!