Friday, December 20, 2013


Last minute vintage wool pouches seem to be my go to gift this year. I try to keep them 100% recycled but I just rediscovered my Italian XOXOXO ribbon, and it's now adorning EVERYTHING! The final days before Christmas and my daughter's birthday are the sweetest moments of December for me. This year we add in the arrival of my mom (tonight!!), and that means time at her magical barn and three generations crafting together by the fire. YES! In anticipation, we've been perusing all of our craft books because let's face it... flipping pages in front of the twinkling tree lights is far more inspiring that flipping open my laptop. 
Hope you have a lovely and crafty weekend... and don't forget the most important thing:

The words are not " Tis the season to be manic (and overextended)!"
word is
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  1. Your tree makes me smile! It's beautiful, but my favorite part is that "wild hair" up top. Beautiful pouches! Someday I'll learn to sew zippers...