Friday, November 1, 2013


I was so confident yesterday when I posted  boasted that a simple poncho would be enough for our owl wings. When my daughter got dressed for trick or treating, she clearly felt that her minimalistic owl was lacking something. "Pleeeaaase put a few feathers on my tummy mama!" 

So, there I was in the final hour... sewing on several quick rows of feathers. She was right... it did need it- and I could do it.  Ha!  Whooooo said simplifying was easy!
Simplicity and Flexibility... they are sisters, are they not? Or perhaps they are mother and daughter.
Either way... we are learning, loving and growing. And last night we breathed in the last of October and spread our wings. Together.
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  1. so beautiful. often thinking and learning from your patience, kindness and general ease in mothering. happy november.

  2. embracing a new month...opening our wings and flying to all the possibilities. Beautiful post. m.

  3. oh my, that last image took my breath away a little bit. it's so stunning.
    what a treasure!

  4. That is the most elegant and simple owl costume I have ever seen. Love it!