Wednesday, November 6, 2013

little prints series

I love have exciting projects in the works. Not being able to unveil for awhile is always a mixture of frustrating and exciting. Since it's a process I'm very familiar with, I thought of a solution! A little series that allows me an opportunity to share something fresh, while taking some meditative (and creative) breaks during the bigger behind the scenes stuff. I mean "little" quite literally. This arrow is 1.5 inches and the spool only 1 inch! Small hand carved stamps are fun to make, sweet to share and always useful when it comes to embellishing the paper and cloth I work with. Plus they are the perfect way to unwind in the evening. Win! I"m also excited to show you how useful they are as the holidays get closer. Gift tags, wrapping cloth/paper...
I enjoy printing on different surfaces. Like this leather bookmark. Solvent ink (I use StāzOn) is great for printing on leather if you want to give it a try too.

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  1. Love, love, love the little spool. Will you be selling anything with that stamp on it? Do you ever make the stamps to sell?
    Here is an idea, if you would like one, making tags with the little spool stamp on it for folks to sew into handmade clothing and other sewn items. Or, even just to use as gift tags for homemade things.
    Very sweet!

  2. I have been sketching arrows for weeks trying to come up with a design I am happy with. Love yours!