Friday, November 8, 2013

cashmere cowl

 Any sweater thrifter knows that finding cashmere is a kin to striking gold. Discovering one in an extra large is the jackpot! And that's just how I felt when I took home this one in deep red. After several good washings and lavender sachet drying cycles, I was ready to work with it, but decided to save it for holiday gifts. 

I've been caressing its luxuriousness every time I enter my studio... longing to wrap it around me somehow. So I did... As the first snow flurry began to fall this morning, I grabbed my scissors and cut off the bottom and top of the body of the sweater. This left me with a center ring that was 16" in height and plenty of leftovers for crafting arm/legwarmers, earbands, flowers, etc. 

That red cashmere ring is THE softest infinity scarf and the coziest cowl. EVER!
And just what I needed to keep me warm and get me into the holiday spirit. Do you think it's too early? Nahhh!
p.s. my pics have been "noisier" as I've been relying all month on my iPhone. I do love that little phone camera, but can't wait for my canon to be working again.
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  1. No, it's certainly not too early for a beautiful red cowl....blending fall right
    into the holidays! great find!!

  2. Oh, I do love finding cashmere at the thrift shops! A beautiful way to reuse it!

  3. Oh my! I have been trying to figure out how to use a cashmere sweater with a couple of moth holes. This is a wonderful idea.

  4. I love finding cashmere at the thrift store! Love that you're using all parts of the original sweater. The cowl looks super cozy.

  5. How did you finish the edges?

    1. I didn't! Because it was felted it isn't fraying, so I've left them raw and it just rolls over a bit.