Thursday, September 26, 2013


So many good things are keeping me busy these days, but when I have a window, you can bet you'll find me playing with my leather scraps. The small pieces inform the direction of each unique project. The stitching I'm doing is essentially patchwork, but I prefer to think of it as creating "windows" for the leather to shine through. The contrast of textures really appeals to me. Here's one more completed pouch. This leather has the same rich color as the horse chestnuts falling from our tree. And can you believe I had a vintage metal zipper that matched?!
 I broke two universal needles in a row, so success really does depend on the weight of leather you're working with. Switching out to a leather needle was the solution.
This pouch and several more will be available next week when I do my first shop update in a good long while. Pin It


  1. It looks great! I'm jealous that you have a horse chestnut tree, too. Autumn was always spent having conker matches at school. I've yet to find a tree near here, though. Even as a kid, I just liked conkers for the way they looked, though. I never wanted to drill a hole to put string through them.