Monday, September 30, 2013

monday making

I just made a couple of more leather scrap inspired items. Buckets! Steadily, a small line of lovingly crafted items are accumulating for my shop. The making of them is pure pleasure. Is it the slow and deliberate way I'm creating? I often make things in assembly line fashion, but these are one at a time... evolving as they go. Perhaps it's the act of transforming old favorites into something with a new twist. Who knows...

Inspired by function and beautiful materials, their simplicity just works for me. I'm happy to start my week at my sewing machine. I've found that if I commit to something on a Monday, I often make an effort to keep it up throughout the week. This potentially works for everything- from exercise to creativity. Something about fresh starts that just keep me going! Crossing my fingers that I'll get a "run" in today! Hope you have a productive Monday, too! 
p.s. There's a new post up at Honoring Hope if you missed it last week...
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  1. I really like the simple but purposeful design of these. What a great way to use leather scraps. Such a nice detail.

  2. Love these cloth buckets. Everything you make looks so cozy and is so functional!

  3. wow creativity rules... I really love this and would love to try creating one too :)

  4. Have been looking to make baskets like this AND have leather scraps - love it.