Wednesday, September 18, 2013

more leather

I'm continuing my experimentation with leather. It's really working for me...
Each component of this zippered pouch was rescued. From lining to zipper. The process of transforming discards into something useful is always satisfying, but do you know what I find super exciting? To see how refined I can make it. It all began with burlap... discovering how to make a rustic sack look crisp and modern set me on fire.  It still has that effect on me, but leather is definitely my new love. It offers just the polished detail I was looking for.

Still simple, but classic and modern too...  and from scraps, no less. That's how I get my kicks! I've got several more in progress sitting by my sewing machine. Yes! And just in case you're curious... a universal needle is still all I'm using. I love my Pfaff!

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  1. Love the texture in this. Someday I will work up the nerve to sew a zipper (maybe when I have a sewing machine that actually has a zipper foot and/or a zigzag stitch!).

  2. Leather and burlap and two of my current obsessions too! Love how this turned out.

  3. So pretty! I recently cut up an old leather purse, and also have some shrunken wool that I think I'll use for patches. Thanks for the inspiration!