Monday, August 26, 2013

winding down

The last week of vacation has arrived. I devoted much of my energy into making these past two months memorable for my children. Often times that has just meant staying up super late under twinkly lights with the grown-ups... other times it's looked liked a party in the woods. 
  I see the experiences we've had together as a beautiful bouquet gathered together to be the summer of 2013... 
As you know, I take this mothering job very seriously, and I wanted everything to feel like a jar of lightening bugs glowing in their hands. Magical, wondrous, and sweet.  Reflection always comes during these last few days, can you tell? 

And it has been a season of abundant firsts, favorites and endless fun!
Eye check-ups, back to school shopping, final summer parties, and saying farewell to Grandma will fill this week... along with some gentle coaxing into earlier bedtimes. Booo!

But when my children return to school, regular blogging and making will resume and I am super excited for that. Thrilling to think of focused and uninterrupted time. Barely remember what that feels like! There are some very special projects in the works, and I'm looking forward to embracing them... and all of you. I hope you enjoy and savor the wind down of of this season... new chapters are just around the bend!
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  1. I love all these summer moments. It's sad to see the summer end, but the fall always feels like a new, clean beginning, full of a different sort of adventure.

  2. You definitely are living my new mantra: Embrace the life you never planned!