Wednesday, August 28, 2013

barn tables

My mother loves repurposing even more than I do. Transformed tables is always a favorite at her barn. This handmade sand table is covered with an enamel top from an old hoosier and has hidden storage beneath. It's perfect buffet top for the deck when we eat outside.

She had brought back a promising piece from an antique show last year, but it also lived on the deck... as a cocktail/wine bar. The base is an old industrial steel laundry basket. The top- scrap wood. This week she sanded and oiled that rough barn wood surface- and it came inside to be the dining table. It works! Remember those old labs stools I found a few years back?
 They've returned to the downstairs... We tried it out with a dinner party last night as the landing spot for appetizers...
And later all of us gathered for dessert which had to include this. Tonight we'll pull it out from the wall and try a sit-down dinner there... 
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  1. I'm not much of an ice cream person but, tonight I had a small scoop
    with fresh sliced peaches! SOOOOO good.
    Your tables look great!!