Monday, August 12, 2013

on the menu: grandma!

Evening light... In the barn backyard.
And so August rolls on through... have you noticed how it carries the same bittersweet bliss as the end of a beautiful day. Summer is certainly not over, but the quickening towards Fall can be felt in the cooler days and subtle changes in light.

 For months we have awaited the visit of my mother to her sweet barn- and this weekend she arrived with bells on... ready for action. If I know Grandma, these next few weeks will be filled with delicious meals, inspiring diy projects, fun thrifting, and spontaneity around every corner. My children and I (and our friends too!) are so happy to have a bit of her magic twinkling about again. "Grill Galore" for grandma! The menu for the first night of my mom's return to her barn! Wahoo!! #letteringbymygirl #welovegrandma #welovegrilling
Blackboard menus are making every meal feel like a treat... I don't think we've written one up since last summer's visit. How can that be? Must remedy that this moment.  A traveling board is great for outside dinners, and I've installed one near the kitchen now, too. There can't be too many...
A standard piece of masonite covered in blackboard paint is an easy addition to most kitchens.

 (Thanks to sweet friends for the zinnia delivery!)
Happy Monday morning to you!
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  1. oh how wonderful it must be to have a good relationship with your mother! and I love the blackboard menus idea!