Thursday, August 15, 2013

black-eyed susans

I've been wanting to have my back meadow go wild for some time, now. This summer, as I let go of stuff in my house, I also let go of tending far too much "lawn" and have let nature cultivate a new space on our land. Out past our little orchard is where the freedom begins. Can you see it?

The first flowers to arrive have been the black-eyed susans. They're an old favorite of mine, but this year they signify something beyond their happy golden faces upturned to the sun. They seem to shout about independence and self-reliance... while swaying a little old-time dance of tradition and sweetness  in the breeze. I gather them constantly... alone and with friends.
 And they fill our house with their presence and become the backdrop of our August.

Do you have a favorite wildflower this season?
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