Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Learning from Scotch

 I can't say that riding a horse was on this city girl/country mama's bucket list, but it definitely was a wish shining brightly for my daughter. You know I like making things. Especially dreams come true...

 I've come to realize so many things since I started parenting solo. What I model for my children now is significantly greater than when I shared the job with their father. So, I strive to show them my very best... and that includes trying lots of new things. And yesterday- it meant riding a horse for the first time. My daughter and I shared this first together. (Locals: Painted Bar Stables has incredible trail rides through the Finger Lakes National Forest)

Through fields and forest we journeyed, learning how to ride and communicate with our horses.
 It was no small thing. These days I am taking the reigns and guiding my little family back onto the path of happiness, integrity and honest living with a strength and conviction to be proud of. It is no coincidence that I found myself riding down a wooded path filled with obstacles and creeks to fjord, learning to keep my balance and stay relaxed... as I thought about the many life metaphors that came while learning to trust the beautiful creature that was carrying me forward. My sweet mare was named Scotch... and she sure taught me a lot in that first ride.

And my daughter? Well, she just had "the best day day of her life!" What more could I ask for?
There you have it... Take the reigns, my friends... this is it! Why not ride off into the sunset with smiles and grace. Pin It


  1. Just terrific for both of you!

  2. This just makes my heart swell! I loved riding as a kid and want to take my girl out ... although old age has made me more fearful of my brittle bones and falling ... What you write here about modeling for your children is so powerful and important. I know my girl has inspired me to be braver than I am inclined to be - and let me tell you, I do say to her "I'm so proud of me for being so brave!" She rolls her eyes and laughs. Of course, this is after me going down the high slide at the water park! (And yes, I screamed the entire way down!) xo

  3. Looks like a beautiful happy day! Must check out the Painted Bar Stables.