Monday, July 8, 2013

moo winners!

Congratulations to the three lucky winners of the moo biz card sets! Thank you moo for sharing with my readers friends! 
Moo will be in contact with you three:
Serendipity, I think not... I was just looking on their website - thinking it is time that we had a business card - really it is!!! What a fabulous GiveAway!!!
I'm doing the Farmer's Market this year with my handspun yarns and these would be great fun to tag on to them.
yes please! I was just thinking I need to get some printed again for my healing practice. : )
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  1. Oh my word, I'm a winner. I wasn't expecting that. Thanks!

  2. Just bowled me over!!! How amazing is that!!! Thank you so much, totally thrilled, you have no idea!!!