Friday, July 5, 2013

indi-go bag!

Perfect summer tote! You can bet I'm blogging this in a bit
My photos these days tend to be from my iPad... and hit or miss... but it's summer and I'm feeling casual and often reach for what's closest. And my iPad happened to be in this here bag!

I finally gave myself permission to use the original indi-go bag from Reinvention. I've always loved it and planned on making another one for everyday use... but never got to it. I spotted one a few weeks ago on the shore of Squam Lake... always fun to see projects from my book out and about... and knew I could wait no longer. This one was ready and ripe to be plucked out of my studio, and on on my shoulder it now rests. Daily!
Heading into town with my indi- go bag (from REINVENTION).
So here's why it's totally perfect for summer right now... and why you might want to make one too:

-roomy enough to throw a towel and bathing suit in
-sturdy enough for a heavy farmer's market haul
-super easy care- toss it in the washing machine over and over again
-tough as nails- it's made out of jeans, after all
-goes with just about every summer outfit- that jean trait again!
-lightweight when you only have a few things in it vs. a big canvas tote that's always bulky

Loving it, if I do say so myself!

Have a great weekend... and maybe a little sewing will work its way into your days!
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  1. So glad to see you using your bag! Inspired by this project, I used inside-out denim strips to make our daughter a pieced denim cushion for the piano bench she uses at our dinner table. I'm not sure what was more satisfying, having a great use for that old tatty denim (It looks so awesome inside out!), or the sheer joy of ripping denim strips. Wow. It's my new stress reliever!

    I'm collecting more denim now to make that awesome awesome hammock. You book is a delight to my tight stay-at-home mom budget, and I really enjoy reading your blog now too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful designs and ideas :)

  2. I love this bag. I made one for myself a few weeks ago. It is great for carrying the kids water bottles and some craft for me to work on when we are out and about. Thank you.

  3. Thank goodness you are using it!!