Monday, July 1, 2013


My favorite month of the year has arrived! Happy July! Happy fudgsicle making! What you say?

Yesterday was the perfect summer day and began with giggling girls who were quite excited to wake up together after a sleepover- and have a special breakfast together. They got so involved in their strawberry topped waffles, that they filled up before their hot chocolate was consumed. At first we discussed putting the cups in the fridge to turn into chilled chocolate milk later in the day... somehow that led to the freezer... and popsicles... or more accurately fudgsicles!!
So good on a hot summer day! They highly recommend it...
Hot chocolate was made with whole milk, unrefined sugar and unsweetened cocoa powder. Our favorite new popsicle molds from Crate & Barrel found here. (Don't listen to the reviews, they're awesome- just run under hot water to release from the mold.)
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  1. The pops look creamy and flavorful...I made for my kids mango pops,but they love water pops...

  2. After seeing your Instagram pic of these the other day, I made some with the hot chocolate packs we have. We're looking forward to trying them later. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love me a good fudgsicle! I've got some good rocket-pop molds I need to dig out for the grandgirls.