Tuesday, July 2, 2013

berry date

About those strawberries you saw yesterday on our waffles... they were the final ones in the freezer from last year!

We almost missed the season- but today offered up a window between storms and our great friend, Casey, urged us to go picking with her. It was our first time to Indian Creek for strawberries... and they were way up on top of a hill with sweeping vistas of the other side of our lake. The fields were quiet and ours alone. Storm clouds rolled in and out while we picked and picked.
Couldn't have been more picturesque... iPhone photos might not capture it, but will have to do! 

Raspberries were just coming in too! What a perfect spontaneous girls berry date. Nothing could be sweeter, you know!? Strawberries and raspberries filled our bellies and now fill the fridge. The rain started the moment we finished, too!
 We'll have to go back if we want any for the freezer.  IMG_0055
Just another reason to love July!
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  1. What fun to go strawberry picking! They look so sweet and juicy. It is strawberry season here on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, (Australia). Our season starts in the cooler months (being sub-tropical).

  2. We filled our freezer 2 weekends ago with 46lbs of strawberries! It didn't take all that long to pick as the kids are now quite good at picking. The raspberries and cherries should be ready in about a week or so, then blueberries, and then blackberries. Love summer berries!

  3. Looks gorgeous. Do you know about the iphone photo editing apps Afterlight and VSCOcam? They are my two favorites for brightening, straightening and processing my phone photos. Am on a huge Instagram kick at the moment - so inspired by all the great iphoneographers out there. Thought I would mention it as it sounds like you are leaving your 'big' camera at home for the summer!