Monday, July 15, 2013


 Week two of our Creativity Camp is underway! It's the perfect breather in between the sewing sessions that bookend it. We're outside all day discovering and creating with natural materials. The rhythm was wonderful... we did so much but never rushed. It was a hot summer day filled to the brim with simple July pleasures: 

  • harvesting cucumbers and gathering eggs for snack time
  • making solar tea with just picked mint leaves
  • foraging for wild black raspberries
  • crafting with plant, stick and stone
  • jumping endless rope in the shade of the locust trees
  • bare feet and bathing suits all day long
  • running through the hose
  • swinging and chatting beneath the walnut trees
  • reading nature guides and fort building instructions
  • beginning to build said fort
  • wrestling with grapevines and lashing branches
  • weaving dried grasses

Can't wait for tomorrow! 
And tell me- isn't  that berry stain/paint the most vibrant and gorgeous color ever?! Who knew?
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  1. This makes me so happy it just warms my heart. We LOVE to use leaves and natural objects in our art. Just today I came up with a art/painting series that I want to do using natural objects. Beautiful. So beautiful.

  2. That berry stained board is BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely shade of crimson.....I bet it smells really good.

  3. OH my gosh! That is beautiful! I'm off to find some berries! :)