Friday, July 19, 2013

earth party girls

Birthdays come and go as we get older. The magic we feel as children has long since faded, but we can relive it a bit through the special celebrations we throw for our own little ones. But wouldn't it be nice to feel like you're eight again... when you're really not? 
I figured out a way! Just invite a bunch of eight year olds over and have a party! Really- it's that easy! After hosting earth*craft (Creativity Camp) all week long, we celebrated the last day with a DIY Nature Party. The girls brainstormed what we could make and do with predominantly outside materials, and I guided them into creating as much as we could fit into a day. The fact that today is really my birthday made me feel like an earth queen- or maybe even princess!  What a blessing! Can't remember the last time that July 19th has felt so special! 

What did we do?

  • Built fairy houses...
  • Ran obstacle courses with walnuts on our heads and hopping with a large stick balancing water shoes to name a few... 
  • Giggled...
  • Danced through sprinklers, hula hooped and skipped rope... 

PLAY IS SO IMPORTANT! Whatever your age.

Baked cupcakes, of course! How about with edible flowers and wild berries...pretty food makes everyone feel special.
And wishes... there were wishes!
The girls made flower petal confetti, and at the end of the day, we each took turns making wishes while I sprinkled this colorful "fairy dust" on our heads.
Who says you can't be eight again? 
There are so many great photos and ideas to share from this past week at camp... all in good time. My daughter and I are off to a music festival tonight, and it's time to shake off the flower petals and put on our dancing shoes! Happy weekend to you all!
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  1. Happy Birthday Maya. It sounds like it was a wonderful day!
    Have a great time at the music fest!

  2. Happy Birthday

  3. Happy Birthday to you. Such wisdom here. Eight year old girls are just magic. I have one (grand) coming down this week. When I ask her how her day was on the phone, she replies, "Every day is a good day, Gams." Who can beat that?
    I am 71 but closing in on 72 and can still remember the magic of eight. There is still magic for me too at this vintage part of my life.
    You are an inspiration for many of us. Love to you.

  4. Happy Birthday Maya, your day sounds fantastic! Lovely cupcakes too, so pretty with real flowers.
    ~ joey ~

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Everything looks so lovely and filled with LOVE

  6. what a wonderful celebration for you and them! Happy B-earth-day to you!

  7. well happy birthday, dear maya! your flower confetti looks so beautiful. to bad we live in germany, otherwise i would have sent my daughter to your creativity camp.

  8. Happy Birthday, dear Maya ... And thanks for the fine idea for a creativity camp to celebrate the birthday

    Cheers, Heidrun :)

  9. happy Birthday. i create art with children every day in my art studio. My children who are in their 30's, say l am still only 5years old! ha Working with children evey day ,means l can be a child when ever l want! How did you make fairy house, may l ask? x lynda x

  10. So glad I found your blog on such a special day. Dear Maya, what a magical place. Enjoy.

  11. Happy birthday, dear Maya. What a wonderful person you are.
    (p.s. My birthday is a day after yours and my favorite age/and "lucky number" = 8. So I took special pleasure in reading this post.
    Warm wishes to you for the new year!