Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Deep in the land of journal printing for @squamlove
Squam prep always keeps me busy. There is an excitement and focus that descends upon my home as I gear up for teaching and selling. And then I get into my traveling studio (ok- just my vehicle packed with everything I'll need), and a quiet meditation begins. The drive Northeast is familiar, beautiful and the perfect transition into the full days ahead. I'll see you all back here next week, but if you'd like sneak peeks- just hop on over to Instagram. I plan to be snapping away...

Packing up.  Squam here I come! @squamlove

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  1. Have a wonderful time Maya! One day I hope to join you there!
    ~ joey ~

  2. I so want to go....have a wonderful time.

  3. Your Squam posts and pictures always sound like so much fun. Wish I lived closer.

    Have fun!

  4. Love the handmade stamps! Cool journals:)