Wednesday, June 12, 2013

setting the scene

Talk to anyone that's taken one of my workshops, and you'll probably hear a little something about the scene I like to set. Creating an inspiring environment to work in is always key for me- so I like to do this for others. Fresh flowers from my garden, words that remind us why we're here, good music, maybe some chocolate when our energy starts to fade... each little detail feels important.
The classrooms at Squam Art Workshops are all gorgeous rustic cabins that complete the picture. Last week I was so blessed to return to Longhouse- my all time favorite space to teach in. It's perched on the farthest end of the camp with panoramic views of the lake from its many windows and wrap around porches. 

I kept the huge stone hearth blazing... 

And over the course of several days, dozens of wonderful women printed, stitched and stretched out of their comfort zones in this magical setting. 
It was exhilarating! I think for all of us. I can't wait to show you what they accomplished, made, created, and inspired ME with! 

Let's meet back here tomorrow...
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  1. Wow!! What an amazing setting, so much inspiration that I would not know where to make first xxx

  2. I cannot wait to see more! I so would love to attend a Squam art workshop!

  3. I was going to try to come to the evening show but just couldn't make the drive so late at night. Some year I'm going to go to a retreat.