Monday, May 6, 2013

paint party

 Hello again friends! The amazing weather we've been having has made it challenging to stay inside at my computer. Even setting up an outside office isn't as enticing as planting my garden or attending to all of the backyard jobs I only dreamed of tackling when snow covered the ground. This happens every year... the call of the wild (outdoors), but these days I have an added incentive. This is MY home. That is both exciting and daunting. There is no one else, but me to get it done... well, I can always wrangle up a few assistants.

So, I'm doing what I know best- reaching for paint brushes and having kids over! Really, nothing freshens up a space and makes it feel better cared for than a new coat of paint. Loosening up on perfection and keeping expectations light makes for happy helpers!  And the two on fence duty (that have known each other since they were toddlers!) were quite the "Tom Teen Sawyer" team!

So here's to my new favorite equation!
paint + friends + lemonade = community & productivity

I think I know just how I'd like to spend Mother's Day: another paint party please!

(and here's another little take on our fence over at honoring hope)
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  1. It's always amazing to me how much a fresh coat of paint does. The fence and the wicker are looking beautiful!

  2. Estoy de acuerdo, cuando el sol brilla en esa valla blanca parece como si hubiera florecido.
    Espero que cuando mi hija crezca también colabore como tus adolescentes.
    Respecto a tu ecuación la mía es amigos+carpintería+muffins, pero se parece bastante a la tuya.