Friday, May 24, 2013


The ladies are busy these days!
My little ladies have been busy. We only have three laying hens right now, but that's just enough. My son has a scramble of some sorts almost every day. I love sending him off into the world well-fed. He's grown almost 5 inches in the year that we've kept chickens! I know that he was destined for this growth spurt anyway, but I can't help but grateful for our abundance in eggs.

When I'm just making a meal for myself - breakfast, lunch or dinner... it's a poached or fried egg on a bed of greens in a corn tortilla. Salsa or adobo sauce finishes it. Really- putting an egg anything makes it better!
I've shared lots of egg focused recipes here:
chocolate clouds

But I'm always looking for more!  What are some of your favorite egg recipes? They might just make their way into my weekend cooking...

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  1. Mmmmm... Shakshuka is a personal fav!

  2. Shakshuka is amazing; I second that! Also can't go wrong with frittatas, egg soups, or benedicts.

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  4. We like our eggs shirred. Whisk them with a little cream and cook in butter for about 20 minutes on the lowest heat your stove can get, or even use a diffuser, until they are light and creamy and just set. Mmmmm. On toast with a bit of avocado.

  5. My favorite thing to make is pasta carbonara. Scramble 6 eggs with some parmesan cheese, salt and pepper for 1 lb of pasta. Easy and yummy.

  6. When I was growing up my Gran would make us "bird nests". She would make more than one at a time but I think each one basically uses one egg. Separate the yolk from the white. Whip the white until fluffy. Put a piece of toast on a cookie sheet, butter, and then pile the whites on top to form a "nest" shape. Make a well in the centre and plop in the yolk. Place it in the oven and watch it carefully until the white starts to brown and the yolk hardens up a bit. Salt and pepper and enjoy!
    I think you will enjoy my post today on planning a balanced summer holiday. Have a peak...
    ~ joey ~

  7. Oh that looks so good!!! Good photography, too.

  8. We do alot of frittatas for supper around here. With asparagus, zucchine, mushrooms, potatoes, and even leftover spaghetti. My favorite has got to be a similar version to what you posted, only the poached egg is on a big bed of sauted greens...topped with hollandaise sauce. To die for!! My friend had a nice recipe for it.