Wednesday, May 1, 2013

cups of light

Cups of sunlight! Happy May Day!
Happy May! We are having the most glorious spring in memory. This year's weather has provided the perfect conditions for a spectacular showcase of blossoms... and each day is more stunning than the previous. What a contrast to last year's tragic ice storms, which impacted every shrub and tree. It's hard not to feel that the earth is singing with me as I emerge from the shadows of my darker days. As soon as I push "post", I plan on dancing out into the garden in my shorts and farm boots to clear more beds and just enjoy the beauty of this moment.

 Sure- there is the checkbook to balance, camp details to plan, e-mails to return, laundry to hang... but I will be doing it all OUTSIDE with a glass of ice tea...  and barefoot! Oh May, I have never been happier to see you! And I gathered this morning's sunlight in cups of tulips to send to all of you!
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  1. sunshine in cups of tulips. always appreciated.

  2. Enjoy Maya,
    I just came inside from gardening and playing to get my littlest to sleep but can't wait to get back out - we are enjoying jars of daffodils.

  3. Wow - the photo of the tulip is gorgeous. Such a warm feel to it :)

    I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your lovely pictures so I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. Please pop over to my blog when you get a free moment to find our more about the award.

    Gemma x

  4. Maya,

    I love your blog (both of them) for so many reasons. You inspire me every time I stop by. I love this photo! The sunlight pouring through the tulips warms my heart.I want to print this image and put it in a frame for those cloudy days when I want some sun and it is busy dancing on the other side of the clouds. Much love to you and your sweet family!