Wednesday, April 24, 2013

upcycled pouch::creativebug

I am so excited to announce my latest online workshop with creativebug!

This upcycled pouch has to be one of my favorite projects ever, and I'm positive you're going to feel the same way about it. They're reinvented out of Tyvek mailers and inspire total customization. Look at the three samples above... each one is totally unique, no? Make them in any size, shape, or color... and print to suit your mood and style. The options are truly limitless... you'll find you can't stop stitching them!
Image 2
 Last summer I taught this workshop at Teahouse Art Studio and loved showing even the novice sewists how to install a zipper by hand. Everyone was thrilled at what they could create without even a sewing machine! Now I can teach YOU... even if you're half way across the world! That makes me incredibly happy! I love how creativebug makes it possible for us to "hang out together in your home"... just add paint and a zipper or two!
Image 1
You can now sign up for one workshop at a time (a la carte)... the upcycled pouch is only $9.95! This is a sweet deal- and I can't wait for you to start zipping up a bunch of pouches for all of your little necessities... and couple for your friends too! Want to watch the video intro (where I tell you all about it)?  Click here.
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  1. Love these! As I type, I'm sitting in Barnes and Noble, reading your book, and loving each page! I just found your blog because of your book actually. Glad to be a new follower! You have so much creativity and totally unique designs. :)