Friday, April 26, 2013

it takes a village...

We have officially moved into the crazy "end-of-the-year-event season". It usually doesn't hit until May, but here we go charging into a weekend filled to the brim. My daughter's Irish step dance recitals are in the evening, and installation of our huge annual school art show extravaganza will fill the days. I help coordinate the hanging, so I will be there the entire time. We threw a sleepover into the mix, just to make it interesting. 

It's a whole lot of choreography. Being a mother often feel like a giant dance...  filled with carefull planned steps and a bit of improvisation. Being a single mom? More like dancing on a tightrope! But guess what? I've got great balance these days! I really do... it's hitting me that this new life of mine, even with all of its pitfalls, is totally manageable. I've got this! I'm healthier, stronger and wiser than ever before. And I'm discovering a new equilibrium... with my friends. I've always been blessed with a wonderful circle, but it's widened this past year, as I learned to reach out and ask for help. In return, I'm making myself more available for them.  I'm investing much more time into the real and beautiful people that support me, love me and make me laugh. My children are enjoying this amazing net of community... and as we dance on the tightrope together we can look down and know that we'll be caught if we fall. It takes away the sting of solitary parenting and puts a bit of grace into each day.

And what does this little mini iPad cover have to do with everything? Well, I do keep finding stolen moments to say hi to my sewing machine. And this is little something I made for one of those dear friends that has been supporting and loving me- and definitely making me laugh. Including during the making process. Let's just put it this way, she had some very particular specifications... even chose and ordered the fantastic Julia Rothman fabric herself. 
How is your net theses days? Needing some fortification? Don't wait until you desperately need your community- start investing in it today. Make a date with that friend that you keep saying you'll have coffee with. Whip up a little something special for the one that's going through a tough time right now. Just do it! 
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  1. As always, you're sharing wisdom born of experience. It's wonderful to see how sure-footed you've become. Happy Spring, Maya!

  2. good advice I think! Heather