Monday, April 29, 2013

good tired

Art, dance, friends and lots of sunshine! This weekend held an abundance of it all. I feel so proud of my shy and quiet youngest, who has discovered her confidence. What a talented performer she is. Her teacher says that she lights up the stage with her smile. This is true, because from the moment she steps out into the spotlights she can't stop beaming and making eye contact with the audience as she dances each step.  What a contrast to her more reserved side. I foresee more spotlights and stages in her future.
In between, costumes, wigs, and gillies there was lots of art being hung. I am constantly falling in love with this school of ours. After eight years, it continues to be a source of inspiration, community and most of all a celebration of each child.
Because of the gorgeous spring weather, the children lived outside wherever we were. They only came in for snacks or bandaids for scraped knees. 

A friend stopped me this morning when I dropped my daughter off at school. "Are you wiped out yet?"she asked knowing my weekend.

I said no... tired, but GOOD TIRED. Exhausted and wiped out are words I think I'll reserve for those moments that are truly hard. There was too much goodness in the weekend for that. These were deliciously long days... filled with beauty, nature, creativity, children- and lots of friends. Hope you have some GOOD TIRED days too.
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  1. Oh my goodness! Irish Dancing! I was a state champion long long ago in Australia (Under 10, New South Wales). And they said the same about me, that I lit up the stage with my smile. My mother even curled my hair like that. And I still have all my medals :-)

  2. I am a good tired as well! Our school put on a Spring Fair on Friday night and I also had a writing deadline that required more of my time than usual, but it all feels good, manageable I guess you could say. After the winter months it's nice to feel "alive" again. (if that makes sense?)
    ~ joey ~
    ps. To unwind my daughter and I spent the weekend sewing cushions with our Thrift Store stash, using up every scrap! Made me think of you! Pop over for a visit.