Wednesday, October 17, 2012

squam tool banner

What you see (although a slightly blurred) is my heart on a string- literally! Making something... anything at all is always a perfect way to feed our creative drive. But when you work on something that is deeply connected to your core, well that is magic and medicine all rolled up into one. My contribution to the Squam Holiday Bazarr was made with that spirit. Michelle and I brainstormed a kit that would encompass the feeling and essence of Squam... that I could present as my part of a collaboration with you. This banner celebrates four familiar tools, each with their transformative powers and three simple, yet expansive, words that tie everything together. I've lovingly printed each linen flag with one of my hand carved stampsIt all comes minimally packaged with the instructions printed directly onto the stitched loon envelope. Can you tell how much I enjoyed designing each aspect of this kit?!

This would be complete and lovely just as it is... but I see them as an invitation for you to make your mark. I had so much fun embellishing my own and am thrilled thinking of how each one will become a representation of the skills and passions of the maker. They beckon for fabric paint, embroidery floss, ribbons, buttons and more. Maybe some will add their own flags or words and the gathering, and the loving, and the light will grow!
 This week, if life had gone according to plan, I would have been by the shore teaching at Squam by the Sea. Before I had even come up with a permission ship, I realized that I would need to be home for this month, in particular. Much is unfolding that needs my presence right now.  The fact that I will be cutting and printing something so directly connected to Squam all week is not lost on me. It feels just right and utterly beautiful. I will continue to gather my love and light wherever I am. And I'm so fortunate  that I get to share it!

Please go see these banners and all of the thoughtful and gorgeous offerings at the Squam Holiday Bazarr! What a perfect way to begin the gifting season.

From what a little shore bird has told me... these banners are flying off of the shelves. The numbers are limited, simply because there is just so much oatmeal linen that I can rescue at one time!

And if you are one of the beauties reading this post from the Outer Banks... may your cup runneth over with a phenomenal week of discovery!
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  1. Dearest Maya... Greetings from three 'beauties' who are INDEED reading this post from the Outer Banks and MISSING YOU SO, but are glad you made the choice to be where you need to be at this moment. Holding you and yours in the light, until next time... Kate, Wendy, and Michelle F.

    1. Oh!! Oh!! Sending you three oodles of love! I'm following on instagram and searching for glimpses of you. Thank you for this note... thank you, thank you! xxx