Tuesday, October 23, 2012

habit forming

 I am loving our cheerful front porch. It receives the end of the day light and is the perfect place for watching the sun set or shadows dance. My son greets the morning here as he waits for the yellow bus to appear over the horizon.

 I cleared out the bench that sat by our front door for years and set out a wicker chair (summer garage sale score) and an overturned painted crate-ish table. It's a good spot for finishing up his breakfast... or reading the mail when he comes home. We keep adding pumpkins, which increases the fun.
We're all about fun these days... and light. I am bound and determined to never stop seeking all that is good and right in the world. And guess what? It's no secret, but I think I'm finally getting it... deep in my bones! Positivity is truly like any other practiced art... keep at it and a lovely habit is formed!
And that is a habit I hope my children will always keep!
 Light and love from... us to you!

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  1. these photos...and your words, thoughts, insights...all so completely beautiful.

  2. lovely porch and nice pics. you're so right, being constantly positive takes practice and i have found when i'm focusing on all things good, i notice more good around me.

  3. Oh that front porch looks so inviting and full of light. I just love it! I am adapting this way of thinking more and more and my little one is definitely one of my biggest motivators. xoxo