Monday, July 9, 2012

deviled eggs

deviled eggs Deviled eggs. A humble platter of classic comfort food gets such a lift when paired with fresh herbs and a little artful shake of this and that. It's always been one of my secret favorite indulgences, but I tend to only make it for a crowd.  Now that we have chickens... it might be our contribution to every gathering. Had a couple friends over on Friday night... these were devoured! It's summer finger food at its very best!deviled eggs favorite additions to the yolk mix: 
good mayo, umeboshi plum vinegar, finely chopped celery & red onions, capers
favorite sprinkles for the top:
chives, dill, coarse black pepper, and aleppo pepper

p.s.The Friday night  ladies and I  hung out on my deck with my "new chairs", wine, yummy snacks (see above)... there was some knitting, laughter, and all the good stories that happen when women gather.  Here's a peek before they arrived and the twinkle lights were strung. Note: every single piece of furniture (including the hammock swing) has been discovered at a garage sale. It's taken years for the deck to come together, but it was worth the wait... it's truly the most inviting and relaxing place to be. The children and I eat, play games, draw and read out here every single moment that we can.
p.p.s. that wicker couch needs to be sealed and is calling out for white paint!
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  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to see it in real life. :) We have wicker that needs love, I'll be interested to hear what you do to your couch.

    1. the count down! can't wait to see you! exterior house paint is my plan. it works well and holds up to our extreme weather conditions.

  2. Hi Maya,
    We also patiently wait to "find" new pieces for our homestead - it takes prayer and patience.
    Your night sounds wonderful!
    I blogged today about your book and one project I made so far.
    THank you so much for sharing your creativity!
    Warm wishes,

    1. tonya- patience is almost always the key to so many good things. I'm hopping over right now!

  3. Deviled eggs have been a treat since I was a child! They always came out for parties! Your cozy deck looks wonderful! I think breathing new life into an old piece no matter what it is, is so much more fun than buying new.
    Happy summer days Maya!
    ~ joey ~

  4. My mother's signature summer dish is deviled eggs, and I will have to share your recipe and additions with her. It just isn't summer until the deviled eggs are made.

  5. Devilled eggs remind me of my childhood, they seemed to be at every gathering but are rarely seen anymore... I think I'll try them for the next get-together, thank you :)

  6. Beautiful. Wish I could be there


  7. So so inviting!!! I missed seeing this on my visit :(