Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the blues

The blueberries arrived early this year, thankfully! We leave for California during the peak of the usual season... I'm so happy it arrived NOW. I'll be filling the freezer over the next week with the help of those good pickers above. My children started their training as soon as they could eat berries. That's a lot of practice. I never push them, and they always tire long before me, but dang they helped a lot yesterday. Here's me looking into a bucket... quite pleased.
peeking in the bucket 

 In a very short time we had two giant buckets! It will only take a few more trips... maybe a breakfast run and a dessert run. Our farm is around the corner, so we plan our picking around meals, of course.more blues
I am so grateful for all of our favorite summer traditions and long unhurried days together. These are our anchors in the uncharted world of "three" that we navigate daily. Since I have always been home with my children, summers together feel familiar and very much "the same". This warm season is the blessing I've been needing. Nothing like buckets of berries to chase the blues away!
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  1. OH how exciting! We love blueberries but were saddened to find that all of the local blueberry farms lost their entire crops due to the unseasonable warm weather and then a frost. cherries too....

    But it makes me smile to know that someone else is getting to enjoy a good crop!! :) Have a wonderful time picking!! and spending time making memories with your delightful children!!

  2. Wow that is early! We have just finished picking strawberries and next week raspberries and cherries. Love summer fruit picking!
    ~ joey ~

  3. Oh Maya...Blueberries are my absolute favorites so I must must must find a spot nearby to go picking so I can freeze them. Thanks for the reminder. xoxoxo

  4. Wow-big buckets of blueberries! Sadly, mine dried on the bushes before they were ripe because of our horrible heat this summer. Usually all I have to worry about is keeping the peacock away from them! Life is different for you now, for sure, but the grace with which you are making your way is such a blessing to your children. The "new normal" takes a while to settle in to. You are doing great! xoxoxo

  5. That is my favorite kind of blues (other than the music)! Our six little shrubs are just finishing up for the season (west coast) but yielded much less than your haul. Those are two buckets full of heaven right there! There's not much better than that :)

  6. Oh my! What a lot of blueberries you have there, and what a lot of good pickers too. Enjoy these days (I know you do).

  7. Oooh fresh picked blueberries. I love the peek inside your buckets. Enjoy the treasure. Could you share container choice works for you to freeze them in...in terms of space efficiency and health choices? Thanks!

  8. Wow, good haul. Iicked at my CSA yesterday too. They are lush!!!! Enjoy ypur visit to California. xox

  9. That's such an incredible sight. I can't wait to go berry picking with my girls when we move to the east coast next summer.