Thursday, December 29, 2011

winter postcards # 6

Winter Postcards: a series of snapshots capturing this magical time of year
Format: Instagram (follow username for sneak peeks)
Each day we wait for snow.
Dear Snow,
We miss you and can't wait for you to arrive!
your winter friends

p.s. Our sleds are ready!
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  1. We got a tiny amount of snow in my parts of Sweden, but it melted and now all the lawns are green. I don't think we'll get that much snow even during january and february..!

  2. I hope "Snow" receives your note soon.

  3. such an odd winter here in New England, eh? we've had flurries off and on here at our retreat in VT. but it's been in the mid 50's where we live in CT.

    i love a white winter...and send my hopes for snow your way, maya!

  4. Dear Snow,

    Go ahead and visit Maya for as long as you like. We'll find a way to manage here in Chicago without you. We're pretty selfless that way :-)

  5. We are ready too! I love this postcard series!

  6. Lovely picture! We are hoping for some snow as well, especially my little ones:)