Wednesday, December 28, 2011

winter postcards #5 Charlotte

Winter Postcards: a series of snapshots capturing this magical time of year
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My daughter wished for a doll... a cloth doll... the kind Laura Ingall's had. Her name would be Charlotte just like Laura's, and she would have long hair... and arrive on Christmas morning. She had it all planned out. I've only made a couple of dolls (remember Lucie?), but this is just the kind of challenge I love... and also the kind I find myself doing in the wee hours of Christmas eve/morn. These manic midnight making sessions are not destined to be my finest crafting moments, but certainly some of the more memorable ones. I created a quick pattern, drawing inspiration from Erika's dolls. Her woolen hair was the only brown yarn I had and is so thick, I think they're a bit more like dreads. I will work on hair for the next doll... and there will most certainly be another. Charlotte needs a friend. I love the process and would enjoy having a bit more time with the next. And we certainly have enough gorgeous clothes. She fits all of Grandma Bunny's vintage outfits and is sized just right for some very spiffy linen doll clothes I picked up at a Flax garage sale last spring. Isn't that dress perfect? Have you made a doll before? Do you have a favorite pattern? How about clothes? Can you hear the little girl in me coming out? Yes, doll making seems to tap right into my child self.
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  1. i just love your doll. i have made several different kinds of dolls and there is one pinned to my design wall that needs finishing. i think your post is the inspiration to finish it. how old is your daughter?

  2. She's so sweet! I've sewn a couple of Waldorf-style dolls by hand, from a kit...that was about 3 or 4 years ago. I've knit a couple too, most recently a boy dolly for my 3yo, who requested one. I love him to pieces, and I really like his hair--my favorite hair of the dolls I've made. I knit a circle from the yarn, sewed it onto the head, and then looped the yarn through, like you'd do for fringe, then trimmed it to even it up a bit. Hair is a challenge, though, no doubt about it!

  3. I LOVE the dress! I'd really enjoy seeing photos of all the vintage clothes!

  4. Deanna my daughter JUST turned 7. Have fun with your doll!

    Amy- thanks for sharing your doll experience... especially your hair know how!

    Melissa- I thought I had linked the clothes... it's now there!

  5. That is so sweet, I bet she was delighted with it.

  6. I love her, Maya, and yes, the dress is perfect. I have made many stuffies but no dolls, I am afraid. I really want to but now my boys seem to be a little too old to actually want a doll. I can think of a couple of little girls who might enjoy one though.

  7. Oh, I really like Charlotte. And her dress. I thought you really had talent making a dress like that. I've only ever made one doll WITH my daughter. It was fun, but challenging (for me). You're a nice mommy to make Charlotte just in time for Christmas Day.

  8. I used to make dolls long ago, then started again for my daughter. The first was a little mermaid, not from Disney, but from the instructions my daughter gave me after reading the HCA tale. She has long, long hair that we dyed with beets, and a tail that I knit to cover her legs, made out of a nubbly, silky yarn that looks a lot like scales. She has a Waldorf head, which is too heavy, and wobbles back and forth, but we love her anyway.

    I've made others, but I like to have instructions from the children best, so I know that they are getting what they want. At this point, I have a box marked "doll making supplies" from our last move, so I guess I'm committed to making more :)

  9. I have to admit I have not made a doll in years... in fact I can't remember making one since having children as none of our boys ever wanted a doll. But recently I've been inspired to start again. In fact it is more of a need to make dolls... and this time gender will not stop me! Miss Charlotte is absolutely adorable and your daughter is doubly blessed by you and her doll!

  10. Oh! She is so sweet!

    My daughter's first doll was named Charlotte as well! I use the waldorf doll patterns when I make mine (from the book Kinder Dolls).

    Happy doll-making!

  11. Your doll is beautiful, and the dress is perfect!
    Once again we are in similar spaces, in Nov we started making my daughter a Waldorf doll. Christmas crafting interrupted her progress but I hope to get back to her soon. I'm sure I'll be posting photos when she's done!
    ~ joey ~

  12. I'm imagining all the new friends that Charlotte will have. And such a wardrobe to share together...
    I've not really sewn any dolls yet - it's such a daunting idea for me; but my little one has many plans for clothes that we must sew together these holidays.

    oh - forgot to say that I love receiving your maya*mail - it was so sweet and lovely.

    {wondering also - how did you get the pinterest link in your blog post?}

  13. That doll is so special - and you are very special to make it. Glad to hear I was not the only one midnight crafting! Hope you are enjoying a well deserved rest this week.

  14. i thought i recognized that dolls' clothes! look here

    i love the idea of making a simple doll as a gift...what a treasure maya. happiest new year wishes to you and your family. xx

  15. Good eye Kristin! Yes, Flax doll clothes are hard to forget!

  16. Every Sweet doll and I'm sure your daughter was thrilled!

    I've made a few Waldorf dolls, some with patterns I made others from books. My fav. are the ones I made the girls for Christmas 2010. They were from a Japanese pattern. I also really love making non- Waldorf dolls from patterns sold on the wee wonderfuls blog.

  17. What a lovely doll!

    I made my daughter a rag doll a while back using a pattern by Joan Russell ( Luckily my daughter likes her, because I find those plastic store-bought dolls really creepy...