Monday, August 1, 2011

summer postcards #13 discovery

He found another one to add to our collection!
A Dorothy moment.
Two of my favorite ways to learn:
through nature
the worlds within books
Hope your week is filled with new discoveries!
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  1. Lovely pics - especially the first one. :-)

  2. My favorite ways to learn too. As always, perfectly wonderful pics.

  3. Your pictures are always beautiful! I love learning through nature and books also. I don't think it gets much better than that!

  4. I never know when it's ok to take a bird's nest. How can you tell if they are done with it? Also, what about germs? Do you anything to sanitize it before taking it in the house?

  5. as far as I am concerned, that's what summer is all about, Maya.

  6. I just want to know if she's actually reading _The Wizard of Oz_ while lying there in her darling blue and white gingham dress and her sweet little braids. I can't quite see the book well enough... ;-)

  7. Amy,
    She's reading one of the Kaya books from the American Girl series. We have just begun these books and so far I'm pleasantly surprised. However, back to Dorothy... she was waiting for us to get ready to take her to a friend's Wizard of Oz birthday party!

  8. Loving the imagery & tones of these beautiful pictures!
    Sweet summer days to you and yours.

  9. i was going to ask if she had ruby red slippers to go with the dress . . . after reading the comments, i'm guessing she did. :)

  10. We have a little nest that we found on the path at the park. It's tiny and the workmanship (workbirdship?) is exquisite.