Saturday, May 14, 2011

sponsor spotlight: Artsy Ants

I'm so happy to officially introduce you to one of my newest sponsors: artsy ants. Sylvia and Simona are two sisters divided by miles and an ocean- one stayed home in Germany and the other went to the states.
 They have joined up virtually to share their creativity together... and with us. I just love that! My little sister is miles and an ocean away from me, so I this idea is quite exciting, but I digress...
Back to Simona and Sylvia. Together they blog about all of their current projects, mothering,  beautiful knitting & crochet, and some amazing artwork. Here are some glimpses to get a taste:

They take turns writing posts, and I've loved reading back through their archives to understand who was creating what. Yes, I love sisters working together! They've also opened up a shop to showcase their work and to feature Simona's stunning custom portraits that she works on from photographs:

Please peek in on them to see who's posting and what's new. Stop by their shop to peruse their offerings, and if you're looking for a custom portrait, you need not look any further. They are quite the dynamic duo, and I'm so pleased they're here!
artsy ants
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  1. thanks for your sweet post, maya. i was curious which images you'd pick to feature.
    have a great weekend!

  2. Love your post and I am on the way to check out their blog. My best friend, crafter and blogger is also at home in Germany while I am here and it's a great way to connet when we don't have time to call each other every day.

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  4. ok, the deleted comment was by me. here it goes again:

    Maya, thanks for a great feature. i'm so touched by your words. we're so pleased to be here in May, and we'll be back for sure! virtual hugs to you! xx

  5. I love those yarn branches! so cute

  6. I can really see the love that goes into their work. Those wooden baby blocks are so sweet!

  7. Wow, I just found your blog via ???? and all I can say is WOW! Each post draws me in a little farther, beckoning me to spend more time, to smell the roses and feel the sun on my face.

    Thank you! (we don't currently live in NY but the rest of our family does and we own an old fallow farm... with an 1840's farmhouse.)

    Once again thank you!