Wednesday, May 11, 2011

cathartes aura: turkey vulture

turkey vulture 1turkey vulture 4turkey vulture 3
turkey vulture 2
Turkey vultures are a common sighting around here. And yet, they are captivating each time. Soaring on thermal wind currents, they glide through the air, their huge wings outstretched with unmistakable grace. They stay aloft endlessly with little effort, just flowing from one current to another. This one seemed to come to me with a message. Perhaps I've been flapping my wings to hard, and need to learn the harmonious art of riding the wind.
I'll return with more posts on making stuff... soon! Promise. But right now, I am so steeped in the beauty of this season, and don't want to let it pass me by without recognizing and respecting the awareness that the warmer months awaken in me. Pin It


  1. I'm not going to say buzzards are my favorite birds (!) but I've been working on identifying the regular turkey buzzard vs. the black buzzard. I know the differences (V-wings v. flat wings, long tail v. shorter tail with feet showing) -- if only I could remember which one is which.

    On a weekend in N. Georgia in March, we drove past one tree by the highway that was a buzzard (vulture) roosting spot. Imagine a huge leafless oak tree, with dozens of these huge birds coming in for landing, congregating at dusk for sleeping. Several were hanging out on the ground too. Awesome and icky too.

  2. We have turkey vultures here also. It is amazing to me how they get a dead posum (dead anything) off to the side of the road and all the others join in a circle and feast on the carcus. They are such large birds, kind of scare me.

  3. These are a regular site here also. They are beautiful when they soar, and graceful as you said. Up close, not so much! They do fill a much needed niche in nature.

    Occasionally we'll see one sitting on a telephone pole or other post with it's wings stretched out as if drying them or warming them in the sun. They have such a huge wingspan... it's a pretty awesome sight!

  4. We also have many of these birds here. Enjoy the beauty!

  5. I can't get over how beautiful they are in the air, yet when they land in one of our trees in the garden their whole huge, hunched, scraggly, vulture presence seems to say "come on... hurry up and die already!"...

  6. Same here with the turkey vultures. I see them quite often but each time I have to stop what I am doing and watch them until they are out of sight.

  7. Mmm, I love me some Mama Turkey Vulture. What beautiful photos, Maya! xo