Friday, August 20, 2010


a is for abundant love
 So many "shouldas" and "couldas" these days. If I always kept my promise to my daily To Do list,  I would be missing out on so much REAL DOING. Summer vacation is winding down. My mother and children will be returning to their roles as students and teacher very soon...  I don't want to let a single shared moment slip by.  So instead I am partaking in: 
Indulging in abundance.
The indulgence of  abandoning  the To Do lists tacked to the bulletin board...
and discovering how magically that creates an abundance of time.
Time to unfold.

a is for aug trough
original barn trough moved outside and filled w/morning glories
a is for aug barn deck and jungle
the jungle in  back of the barn!
These photos were taken today as we sat on the barn deck eating and listening to our family lore as my mother brought out treasures and heirlooms to make each tale come alive.
a is for abundance
This sponge cake happens to be my grandmother's recipe and the spoon- my great grandmother's... recently discovered in a hidden box at the barn! These were unplanned moments. But ones we won't soon forget. I do hope you'll take this to heart:  if it's possible, turn your back on those daily obligations... maybe just for an afternoon. Treat yourself to some time... with your loves or simply SOLO. 
See what happens...
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  1. I will take that advice... soon, very soon. That sponge cake looks heavenly!

  2. I love the wild garden by the barn. My favourite kind of garden ..and the blue of the morning glories! Look at those berries..and The sponge cake..Mmmmmmmmmm

  3. Gosh, brings back childhood memories. We had raspberry bushes in the backyard and my mom would make desserts like that one during the summer all the time. Yum

  4. A lovely reminder Maya, thank you!

  5. yes, yes, yes.

    or else life flies by without anyone really LIVING it...

  6. Thanks for the reminder! Time's a wasting...

  7. once i found a really old to-do list. it was from before my first son was born. some of the things i had done, some had gone un done. it always serves as a great reminder that not all these things that seem so pressing are in fact in need of being done at all.

  8. Well said! We just started school this week and I already miss the time I had with the kids. But we'll try to make it up some other way. Lovely post.

  9. I love this post. I try and get all of chores done when my children are at school or in bed so I can give them my full attention and enjoy their lives. Her is a link to our "shoulda" post. Have a great day.

  10. thank you for the reminder. we all need this kind of that spoon and the story if it. enjoy your weekend

  11. Thank you for the reminder Maya! My children are back in school already so the opportunity to indulge with them is especially sweet. The morning glories are gorgeous - Grandpa Otts I believe?

  12. I've been enjoying your site for quite a while now without ever posting. I come here for inspiration and I just wanted to gush a bit. Thank you for all of the loveliness that you share! I like your happy spirit (and I also like your grandmother's apple cake recipe- it was soooooo delicious!) I am changing my plans today, and will go out and enjoy this last bit of summer before school begins. :)

  13. Thank you for stopping me in my tracks. No lists this week! Really enjoy your blog, thank you.

  14. A wonderful reminder!! And gorgeous photos! Yum!!!

  15. I did that this very day with my family! I loved every second. From eating a chocolate and strawberry filled crepe at Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto, to walking the Presidio and GG Bridge in San Francisco (watching my 4 year old experience this was priceless!). To Tapas and another Crepe on Valencia and 16th.

    The to Do list? Maybe tomorrow.

  16. Wonderful AGAIN Maya, thanks. Received the Craft Hope book yesterday and loved finding your projects in it. Congratulations!

  17. I've been loving your comments here and have read over them several times!

    Heather, I'm not sure what variety of m. glories those are. I planted them 8 years ago along our fence and they've reseeded each year... enough to transplant some to the barn. I love them name Grandpa Otts.

    Nancy- your day sounds fabulous and filled with favorites from two of my past homes: P.A. and S.F. I'd love to be eating Crepes in the Mission right now!