Monday, August 23, 2010

Madison Bouckville

new blue scooter at home on the barn porch
My mother and I traveled through little towns, by old farms, and in and out of lush green valleys to reach a giant corn field filled with antiques... vintage paradise. For the second year in a row we visited Madison Bouckville's huge antique show and reveled in all things old and beautiful. This year we spent most of our time outside the gates in the little village that hosts the show. There were just as many dealers hawking their goods in every little alley or front lawn they could find to pitch a stall, and it was hard not to get side tracked in the most wonderful of ways. The history and palette of days gone by never fails to inspire me...
stars and chairs

shoes and baklite

ladles and pins

We only brought home a few lovelies this year... here's a peek:

vintager kodak photo clips
Kodak photo clips
 vintage textiles
cotton tatting and feed sacks
 jars and miner's pail
miner's lunch pail and blue jars

 And of course, that blue scooter in the first photo had to come to the barn. Mmm... hoping your weekend was filled with treasures, too.

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  1. that looks like a fun place!! next year warn me ahead of time because i'd love to go there!

  2. what great treasures you found. my favorite are the photo clips.

  3. all i can say is WOW! what beautiful photos, and your treasures are perfection!


  4. Great finds! I went garage sale-ing over the weekend and got a few blue jars too! And my parents have that same scooter in red!

  5. Hi! That looks amazing!!! I so wish I had one near (though my husband probably does not ~ lol)

  6. What fantastic treasures! I would have been lost in there for days - it looks like you had a great time :)

  7. Hi,

    wow, what a great fleamarket... i wish i could visit it !
    But i think its too far from germany for only one weekend !


    Great wishes

  8. Oh would you look at those rolling pins. Just send one over they look lovely!!! Great treasures!!!

  9. thanks for sharing the amazing treasures you saw with your mom.
    Love the blue scooter which looks like it belongs at the barn already.

  10. The photo clips are really neat, but the little blue scooter is the real charmer.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful treasures again, Maya.
    - Mary

  11. What are you planning to do with the photo clips and lunch pale? **curious little me** ;)

  12. Great finds but I still can't stop drooling over the shot of bakelite jewerly.

  13. Lisa- my mother will be taking her lunch to school in the pail. She teaches nursery school. The photo clips might display some of her artwork or that of her grandchildren. Nice questions.

  14. yes, we found some treasures too, last week end in one of ours french flea market! our firt wedding anniversary present: 12 little coton napkins with little embroiedery flowers on them!
    have a nice day and lots of dreams with your new treasures :)

  15. The dates for Antique Week 2011 are August 14-21. Hope to see you there.

  16. Nice! Everyone says it is great there but I've never been. Glad you had a good time :)

  17. What a feast for the eyes!

    Thanks for sharing your finds.