Friday, August 27, 2010


taking flight
 My mother is about to return to her California world... her other life. Sigh. My children have loved spending this summer with her for a million reasons and  can't wait for each new visit to the barn... because you never know what interesting project or fascinating story she'll pull out of her hat. An artist, collector, nursery school teacher, and world traveler make for a very fascinating grandmother. I've been documenting it all season long and will be sharing some of our favorites beginning next week. Activities, tutorials, and more.

But right now, I won't deny that we're all a bit low as we anticipate the hole that will be left when when my mom boards her plane. It's painful to be thousands of miles away from someone we love so dearly. The posts coming up next week will help us feel her close again, and I'm sure give you some fun ideas to try out yourself. *win*win*
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  1. I lived 500 miles from my family for five years - and I am now possibly going to move several thousand miles away from them, so I feel your pain.

    (I've just found your site via an old craftsanity podcast and wanted to let you know I LOVE your blog and plan to spend the evening reading your archives, time well spent of course!)

  2. I hope she is back to visit soon. Or that you get to come out here to sunny CA and visit her ;)

  3. my parents are 2000Km away too and it is hard everytime they leave... I totally understand.

  4. I love this post. I plan to link it on my blog. I am always thinking I am a failure as a mother. My work takes me away and I indulge in every opportunity to travel even if it brings me away from my family at times. I am creative which to me = crazy.
    But while my children may grow u to hate me, at least I have a chance at being a facinatiing grandmother.

    Thanks for the post :)

  5. I can totally relate. My parents live 3 thousand miles away (pretty much on the other side of the country) and well, I miss them like crazy, and what saddens me the most is that only once a year (maybe twice if we are lucky), they get to spend time with my little ones. All I can think about is of all those memories we are loosing by being so far away. I want them to have many of them. *sigh*

  6. It is very hard to see your mum go. Leaving the barn will make it even harder! Some new and exciting ways to correspond via the post must be dreamed up immediately! x

  7. Looks like I'm not alone, which always feels comforting. Thanks so much for sharing about your long distance love. And I think I'll take Maxabella's advice and dream up some exciting new ways to correspond.

  8. we've moved quite a bit and always it seems farther and farther from, I know how you feel when you have to say goodbye.
    Went looking for your bread bag pattern on your etsy. Do you not offer it anymore? Would love to purchase it.

  9. I'm sure your mother also feels that same sadness on her return home. It sounds like she makes the most of each trip!
    I live 300 miles from my grandchildren, and make about 6 road trips each year to visit them. I try to do fun things with them every time, for their benefit and mine ;)

  10. whoa..the tears are flowing.

    My mother was so artistic and so entertaining when we were little. But then my parents divorced. She had no time to spend with us..only to work, as dad didn't think it necessary to support us.

    BUT! when I got married, she did all that with MY three chidren, and they were always wanting to visit/stay with her and they have the most wonderful stories of her, now that they're adults. They were certainly lucky to enjoy the talents of my mother that I missed out on.

    I'm glad you share your kids with your mother!

  11. I know that feeling. My parents flew out yesterday - the house seems so empty and I'm moping about.