Sunday, August 29, 2010

fair days

We're savoring the last moments of August.
fair days 2
The fair came to town... with all of its gaudy charm and magic.
fair days 1
Do you remember what it looked like as a child? I caught a glimpse through their bright eyes.
fair days 3
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  1. We went to the community fair, too. My jaded eyes say, "you've seen one carnival, you've seen them all," but to the kids?


  2. Yes, my sentiments exactly. My son is already getting a bit jaded. He tends to examine everything very closely. A wonderful quality, but maybe not at a fair...
    But my husband and I had such a good time through our 5 year old's eyes. Pure MAGIC!

  3. Through these pictures I'm feeling again as a child !! thanks

  4. Now I can't wait til the fair comes to my town!

  5. We've been to our County Fair and it's always fun to see the animals...and I love the cotton candy!

  6. These photos are glorious! I can't choose which one is my favorite.

  7. lovely place. in Indonesia, we have similiar fair like that. we called it "Pasar Malam". it means "Night Market". according to the name, yes, Pasar malam opened only in the night. but I really enjoyed.
    hugs from Indonesia.