Monday, June 21, 2010

summer has arrived!

We celebrated our favorite season all weekend and then officially ushered it in this morning with some yipping and cheering! Happy Solstice!

Day lilies are bursting at the side of the road...
Warm rainstorms are creating perfect puddles for dancing in...
Toads  Bullfrogs are caught and released...
The hammock has an open invitation...
The badminton net is up and ready...
badminton net
Welcome summer, we're so happy to see you! Are you ready for this new season? What are you looking forward to? Pin It


  1. all of this makes me excited for vacation time from the everyday job, and also brings back wonderful childhood memories!

  2. All some of my most favorite things. I'm SO excited to see summer finally arrive.

  3. Beautiful photos.

    I love all the seasons but the heat, humidity and bugs that come with summer can make it hard to enjoy at times. Bring on those summer thunderstorms because they're so refreshing. :0)

  4. Great summer time photo's and YES..the day lillies are blooming here, too!

  5. love the beautiful summery photos!

  6. wow.. I love summer time...
    the weather is PERFECT.
    in Indonesia, we have 2 seasons: dry season and rainy season.
    but I still loveee dry season
    the sun's shining :)


  7. I just love this post! Love day lilies - but the toads - ick! The other night when I was running up to my apartment in the rain I almost stepped on a toad who was hopping across the sidewalk...

  8. well, the weather here has been unseasonnable chilly, rainy & windy, and your corner of the world seems a bit ahead compared to ours, while usually we are almost in sync. So happy you've celebrated Summer Solstice so beautifully ! :) big hugs my friend oxoxo

  9. I think it's time to make some kind of tent in my back garden...somewhere to snooze on hot days like today. No toads allowed though!!! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  10. All those shots represent summer perfectly!

  11. We are loving the summer arrival too! Toads and all. What you have there in your photo is actually a frog. But in defense of toads - they are one of very few creatures in our gardens that eat slugs! A natural predator for the slug is my friend indeed!

  12. Thanks Noelle, a flickr friend just pointed out that they thought it was a bullfrog! We have frogs in our creek and toads in our garden, but this was the biggest ever! My son is so thrilled that he caught a bullfrog!

  13. Happy solstice to you and family. There are sooooo many bullfrogs in the pond this year, it is a symphony of sound every night!!! xox Corrine

  14. I wish we had such beautifull flowers just in 'the wild'.
    Lovely pictures.
    I want to see a lot of the beach this year. But that depends on the job I might get.

  15. lovely photos.
    how cool that you guys found a frog so big.

  16. Happy Solstice! It was lovely to see some pictures of warmth. We celebrated Winter Solstice here and now I watch eagerly as the days grow longer again.

  17. Since I am in Australia it was the shortest day of the year yesterday. So I am looking forward to the days getting longer and warmer.

  18. greatttttt pictures!!

    im hosting a free giveaway of one of my fabric flower necklaces!! please check it out and enter to win!

  19. I am sooooo looking forward to two weeks off work in August and going surfing down on the south coast. It will be my perfect time :)

  20. Your pictures are fabulous! We are enjoying summer break from school. Travel to a family reunion coming up soon.

    aka AudreyGardenLady

  21. I always have dreams of long fun-filled summer days, but they always seemed to be based upon my memories of the milder English summers than they are of the local bloomin' hot ones. 6pm at my son's baseball game was still sweltering yesterday. I think that California should take advantage of the year-round sunshine and have the long holiday during winter time!

  22. What beautiful summer photos. I can't wait for us to go to the beach more. Its been a bit of a cooler summer here, but it was 75 yesterday and I'm getting excited to lather up sunscreen on my little guys and build some sand castles. :-)

  23. Hi Maya,
    I found Fernando's images on your blog in a search of his work. We have a new blog and I added your link to our blog. Check it out and say hello to your Mother.
    Kim Schrag

  24. Hi Maya

    Lovely celebrating the Summer solstice with your family through these beautiful photos. It feels like a hazy dream as we're of course in the middle of Winter down here in New Zealand!

    Just letting you know that I've linked to this post on my blog here alongside a tutorial I just posted on how to make gorgeous midwinter mandarin lanterns.

    Lots of love
    Lucy x