Thursday, June 24, 2010


pillows in the hammock
Today marks the beginning of summer vacation for my children! Have I come up with a plan? Absolutely not! Sure, we have swim lessons scheduled, our favorite day camp, Primitive Pursuits, is on the calendar along with some Sailing Camp... but for the next couple of months minimal planning IS the plan. I want the days to stretch out in front of us with room for spontaneous adventures, getting beautifully bored, and uninterrupted reading time in the hammocks. That's my "plan" for my children... the one for myself revolves around it, obviously. In order to make more room for our play, I'm temporarily scaling back in a myriad of ways. I'll be discontinuing my (much loved and appreciated) sponsorship program for July and August and am learning to say "not right now, but thank you"  to the many requests that land in my inbox. I will continue to regularly share any exciting projects I'm making or doing... but sometimes several days may slip by (like this week), where I will be quiet on the blog front. If you're ever curious where I've disappeared to, Twitter is usually a good way to find me... as well as a place to share a little tweet or two together.
Soooo, hello sweet summer... YOU are my favorite season, it's no secret!

p.s. I'll be back later this morning with details on my "new" pillows in the hammock swing above. Pin It


  1. I love this - I think too many kids are over-scheduled these days. My favorite childhood memories are of wandering around my neighborhoods looking for adventures!

  2. Enjoy these lazy days of summer while your children are young. Once they start becoming teenagers your summers will be quite different! :)

  3. Sounds like the perfect summer. We're off to a free Beatles tribute concert tonight. I think that tomorrow will be a good day to search for the plug for the paddling pool...

  4. Trying hard not to be jealous of such an awesome day camp opportunity. I think they need another campus in Colorado! What a wonderful idea :)