Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hello! It's dark and wet outside, and I'm finally letting go of the notion that I will photograph some new items I've been working on. It took me awhile to stop arguing with the weather and start enjoying it. I slipped on my boots and grabbed the camera so that I could go out and appreciate the beauty of the rain.
across my road
The farmers across the road are happy. The flowers are drenched, but so content. The birds are finding plenty of worms. Gardens everywhere are singing.. So easy to forget how important and wonderful the rain is, when I allow my little agenda for the day to take over. Don't you love when you remember to stop fighting something that is out of your control, embrace it... and then move on?!

Odds and ends to share:
  • I will be speaking at the Ulysses Philomathic Library in Trumansburg tomorrow night at 7pm. Come down if you're in the area.  
  • One of my children's art projects is featured right here at Family Fun. Thanks to all of you that pointed me in that direction. I was contacted by Family Fun a few months ago, but I didn't know when it would appear.
  • My daughter's unicorn party was included in a great round up of children's party favor bags on The Stir. If you're planning a child's party soon, you might find just the inspiration your looking for.  Ahhh... makes me want to throw another party!
  • And lastly, I did another little interview right here.
drenched tulip Pin It


  1. I absolutely love the puddle waving to us all in the rain water. Glad u can enjoy the weather. Thanks for sharing the neighbor view too...very pretty.

  2. Look at all those lovely links!!! Just loved your interview!!! And so cool to be in Family Fun - well done you!!!

  3. Beautiful photographs, and I love those boot too, wear them every day in the woods! See you soon at Squam.

  4. Hola Maya! estoy de sorteo en mi blog! te invito a participar :)

  5. i adore your reflection photo! that's what i loved about living in portland (or)...the steady drizzle taught me to pick my head up and look at the world around me no matter the weather! ;)

  6. It has been rainy and cold in Iowa also. Thanks for reminding me to accept it for what it is and enjoy. Connie

  7. super gorgeous photos!... it's funny how the rain and grey can bring out the color of everything else.... Pamela

  8. "oh hai~ :D " <- that's what my mind's 1st response to your reflection picture~

    it looks so cute and lively! :) LOVE IT~

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  10. Congratulations on all the features Maya!
    Oh, that picture is just so New York - beautiful.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  11. lovely photos! your comment about embracing the unexpected is so's what makes life wonderful :)

  12. that pink tulip is breathtaking! Beautiful photography!

  13. Don't feel too guilty for getting frustrated with the rain. I am a farmer and I get cabin fever waaaay to easily when it is rainy! But yes the crops are doing fantastically:)

  14. I love playing in the rain. :)
    And what beautiful photos you have to show for it!

    Today it is raining and thundering and you've just inspired me to go play.

    Have a lovely weekend, Maya.