Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April!

We've made it to April! Blue skies have returned with the birds, and sunshine is headed our way in full force! It's time for fresh starts and spring organizing. Please stop by my shop today at 2pm EST for a little update.You'll find new buckets... I made a linen swallow one, too! I'll be adding  lots of printed goods including some lovely dish towels like the one blowing on my clothesline above. More details coming up!
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  1. so nice! i don't know that i'll make it home in time, but blessings on your sale. the swallows are just lovely! ;)

  2. I love all your buckets and anything printed with that swallow just makes me smile. I especially love it when you print it on linen.
    Your creativity is so inspiring.

  3. i'm a bird lover too these are beautiful with the swallow!

  4. ooh...I can't wait! remember. at. 2pm. :)

  5. we were on the same page with blue
    and birds! yours are just beautiful and great image

  6. Perfect, make me want to pick apples off the tree to put them in.