Thursday, April 1, 2010

crocus wisdom

Hi friends! I thought I'd be back with a few surprises for my shop update, but I had forgotten how long it takes to list things on Etsy. I could keep going... but why? There is always tomorrow and the next day... but RIGHT NOW it's almost 80 degrees! Crazy! I just came in from sipping a glass of lemonade... barefoot in the grass. I even did a sunshine dance!! So the shop update is live and in full swing... HUGE thanks to those of you who were waiting with quick clicking fingertips. And now... the crocuses are calling me to come back outside and soak in the warmth of this new month! Pin It


  1. Lovely, lovely shop update. I'm loving this rare very warm April day myself with flip flops and laundry on the line outside. The rain is supposed to come this way tomorrow so we'd better soak it up!