Wednesday, September 9, 2009

taking flight

flowers for the teachers...
Well, we survived the first full day of school, today! Actually, it was fabulous! My son was happy to see all of his old buddies and to start up a routine again. He's such a sweet Virgo and really appreciates an organized rhythm to the week. My daughter is in love with all of her teachers (me, too!) and can't wait for tomorrow to come so she can go again! What else could I want? She walked into her classroom and didn't even look back. This was a little bittersweet for me, but I feel very proud of her confidence. She didn't even want to wear her heart! Yes, folks... after all of that. So I wore it... all day! I think I must have needed it more. She did wear a new skirt and accessories... all made in the wee hours of the night before. I had planned to make an entire wardrobe for school. I had big, big plans and lots of gorgeous designs. Somehow, I forgot that sewing time is very limited in the summer. NOW, I might have more time to whip up some new frocks and such. I never know if she will wear something I make (her lovely heart necklace is a perfect example... although that was more about her wanting to let me know how brave she was) . So, I chose a special piece of fabric that my daughter had picked out from our local fabric store, Homespun. At midnight, the symbol of the butterflies taking flight really had me teary eyed at my sewing machine. Luckily it was the quickest skirt I've ever made. I folded a piece from one selvedge end to another and serged it. Quick hem. Elastic waistband. Done.

Here it is after a long day. Simple and comfortable. Our favorite style and very important if you're a country girl. I felt I had enough time to make some fast accessories, too. She had already planned her hair-do: two braids. I covered buttons with some of the same butterfly fabric. A large one became a necklace. The two smalls were perfect braid holders.

After working and playing all day, she gave them rave reviews... although the necklace "needs lots of beads" before she'll wear it to school, I was informed.
So, now I can breathe. And begin all of the projects that I put on hold over the summer.
Let's start right away. At some point tomorrow (Thursday), I will have the second in the barn kitchen diy series. I hadn't meant to take so long, but you all know how preoccupied I've been with these new beginnings. I also am working on photographing all of the things I did make over the summer, that have been carefully tucked away until I had time... to do a shop update! Yay! My plan is for Friday afternoon, with a little sneak peek right here in that morning. There will be a couple of old favorites, some familiar things like these, and this... and even some sweet little surprises. See you soon! Pin It


  1. That very first day at school is probably tougher on the parents than on the kids. At least that's how I experienced it with both of my girls. I remember my oldest one's first day in pre-school as if it were yesterday. At two-and-a-half she was soooo ready for school. When I knelt down for that last kiss and last hug, she put both of her little hands on my shoulders, looked me into the eyes and told me: "Just go now, mommy, I'll be fine. Just come and get me at lunchtime. Will you?" And that was it! She turned around and ran off to go play with the other kids.
    I was the one walking out of the classroom, sobbing, mascara running all over my face.
    And, yes, she was fine, and so was I... eventually...

  2. I remember Mila's first day at school, she also didn't look back, they are growing up way to fast. The skirt is lovely, I also had big plans for new clothes for the school day but nothing came of it. But I have an other chance soon, because they have grown so fast i'm afraid I have to sew quite a lot of new winter clothes ( jippie ;-)

  3. What a wonderful first day! I'm so thrilled for you all!

    Love the skirt and extras to match.

    My little 6 yo daughter informed me last week that she no longer wears dresses and her new fav color is blue. I wanted to cry I know it's the first of many phases. Besides I have 2 other girls who do still wear pink dresses.

  4. Oh.. your sweet little butterfly.... all grown up and at school. I have a year before I face that one and I know which one of us will be crying at the school gates.

  5. So glad the day went well for both of you....I dropped my 3 and 4 year olds off at preschool (first for both!) and cried all the way home.... When I picked them up they both had joyous smiles, which eased my achy heart. I too was in a flurry of sewing for them. Somehow the more I sewed for them, the more they were "protected" by my love I think... I look forward to seeing what you put in your shop..... maybe some scissor prints (hint hint)?

  6. I feel for you in this new beginning! And am delighted that your daughter welcomed school with confidence + joy.... Can you please tell us how you made your fabric covered buttons?

    Thanks so much, Rai

  7. I love hearing all of your "first day stories"... big stuff for each of us. Today was another fantastic drop off. We're on a roll. One of the administrators commented on my girl's butterfly hair-ties and I gushed "thank you" a little too enthusiastically. Yes, I'm that mom that makes her kids stuff and is so proud when it gets noticed. So I was thinking about those covered buttons on the drive home. I will be making a bunch and I will be sure to do a little "how to" very soon, Rai. And Mary: yes,scissor prints will be part of the update!

  8. It is amazing how you teach them to be independent and then gosh, they turn out to walk right into school and love it. The same thing happened with my little boy a few days ago for his first day of kindergarden. I suppose it was me having the hardest time if truth be told. Those heart squeezing moments.

    Love the skirt. And, the accessories. Have fun sewing.


  9. I sent my twins off to grade one earlier this week - some tears were shed - mainly by me! It is an adjustment but it's all good and we are blessed to have healthy little ones who now belong at school - though today I'd love to go get them and bring them home!! :)
    thanks for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful projects!

  10. Hurray for you, Mom!! I got really tickled about you wearing the necklace - I would have too. Your sweet girl looks adorable in her skirt and braids. I have such wonderful memories of the dresses my mother and grandmother sewed for me - you are making great memories for your daughter.

    --Vicki K.

  11. First day of school is a milestone in life.It is always an exciting and
    much happy moment in one's life.
    Parents always worry for kids boys and girls both.Kids always enjoy their new life in school. New environment is always an amazing and interesting experience for kids.

  12. Very sweet skirt and accessories. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Those are beautiful. I love the idea of the matching necklace and hair bands. How do you cover buttons with fabric?

  14. I can totally relate, my daughter went off to school for the first time ever this year, too. It's really the end of an era, isn't it.

  15. Love her little Mary Janes. :) Beautiful post. :)