Tuesday, September 1, 2009

barn kitchen diy part 1

Welcome to the barn hallway, where we will begin our tour of the three new projects my mother completed in the kitchen of her barn/studio. Directly off the kitchen is a series of small closets with beautiful handmade doors using salvaged wood from the original barn. The one nearest to the kitchen is the pantry. (see this post for another look at the kitchen and a before shot of the door) It used to feature a vintage framed screen window. As much as we had enjoyed it, space is at a premium in such a small home. The illusion of roominess depends on utilizing each little bit of storage. That pantry door needed a make-over. My mother removed the screen and installed a thin piece of masonite that had been coated with chalkboard paint on both sides.

It was the perfect backdrop to four new shelves (ikea) on the inside...

and a great spot for jotting down a grocery list/reminders on the outside!

The old window frame became the tiny ledge for a piece of chalk. What does it look like at the barn when it's filled with action? Here's a little glimpse of my mother building, while we all go about our own work. I've always been so proud of my mother's prowess with power tools.

Remember last week, when I shared my daughter's confidence in my abilities? Well, I know that feeling intimately. I've always loved the security of knowing my mom could figure it out... whatever it was at the moment. I think it's a feeling we all should have about ourselves, especially women. Modeling resourcefulness is so important as a parent. So essential as a strong, capable woman! If there is a tool you're not comfortable with, why don't you check out the tutorials over at eHow. Don't you love how accessible information is these days? My grandfather believed that you could make/do anything if you had a library card. Today we don't even need to go to the library... not that we don't love our library days around here, but you know what I mean. A sneak peek at the next barn kitchen diy is included in this post, see if you can find it...
Happy September, friends!

And a warm thank you to Ohdeedoh for featuring the bed board, yesterday!
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  1. I love it. The color of those doors alone is so rich. What I can see of the kitchen is great. I was hoping there were other guesses as to what the next post would be, because I can't figure it out. The pantry? That little window over the door? The room past it? I don't know.

  2. don't worry, Rowena! I won't keep you guessing for too long:)

  3. Wow...as if you and your mom couldn't get any more amazing...I just love all of you! And boy, are you guys inspiring! Is the other diy the cute little table your little one is drawing at? I don't know either! :)

  4. What a great redo! I keep hearing about chalk pait, is it a spary or a paint? And does it cost alot?
    I need to find a tutorial on it...I think it would be worth it
    to paint a board to go around the
    little kids wall(they keep drawing on the walls as high as they can reach... I will repaint it then add a chalk wall, why fight their creative urges.
    Is the next DIY your dining area?
    Where you daughter is siting?

    My mother was like this too, I still believe she could do anything. I hope to be this strong for my children too.
    Thank you for a beautiful post.

  5. What a great transformation! I love those chalkboards.

  6. I've been lurking for quite some time (since I walked into the new MamaGoose and *loved* the ingenious and attractive touches). I want to take this time to finally say thank you for your ideas, viewpoint, and your fearlessness. I am usually intimidated before starting projects, and you and your mother are so inspiring.

    I am about to undertake the building of a new, green house, trying to creatively utilize many repurposed materials. I had just said to my husband that I want my 10 month old daughter to learn that she can always dream and always try. I guess it's time to start walking the talk. This post was a great kick in my proverbial backside to remind myself to just take a step, play around, and see what happens. Thanks for making it look fun! :)

    I *love* the door!

  7. Great - so inspirational. We bought a big house in need of so much work last summer. Blogs like yours give me the impetus and enthusiasm to finish it.

  8. Your mother wasn't only empowered, she empowered you. How lovely! It's wonderful to read about your loving family.

  9. I don't think we've ever chatted about our shared love of the blackboard...?

    This & your bedboard are gorgeous! The absolutely best bit of the post though is your mom with drill in hand. Lovely!

  10. Looks great! I really love it. Chalkboard paint is the best!

    My guess is the kitchen table ;)

  11. Oh I am loving it! Especially the chalkboard signs. too cool.

  12. Oh, I like the chalkboard back drop behind the shelves. Very fun.

    It looks like your daughter is painting or stamping something in the background, is that the sneak peek of the DIY project? Looking forward to your next post to find out.