Monday, September 21, 2009

nature crowns and cuffs

September is a riot of color: between the sunflowers and zinnias giving one last shout and the maple leaves beginning their flaming show. It feels like nature's send off before the dark, gray days of winter. What a perfect opportunity to celebrate with some outdoor crafting. We created nature crowns and cuffs for a garden tea party.

I love how pretty even the remains of our snack looked.

One of the cuffs became Grandma Bunny's crown...

Please find the instructions below or check out Bloesem Kids for the instructions and more crafts.

Irene has a wonderful line up of weekly craft projects on Bkids that I'm delighted to be contributing to every now and then. Please make sure to stop over there regularly to see what's new. Happy last day of summer!

This nature inspired project is great for a group and would make a perfect opening activity at a birthday party. We will be creating crowns decorated with assorted flower petals and leaves. Extend this activity by beginning with a walk to collect your materials and end it with a garden tea party or picnic!
What you will need:
*assorted flowers and leaves
*large tray (optional)
*duct tape
* paper bag or Kraft paper
step one
Have your child dissect the flowers by gently pulling apart all of the petals. Suggestion: consider sorting by color and size.
step two
While they are engaged in their work, cut two strips of paper that equal the length of your child's head circumference plus 2 inches and are 1 inch wide. Suggestion: cut a side of one piece to be be a decorative crown top with a triangle repeat.
step three
Cut a piece of duct tape equal in length  to your paper strips. Lay it sticky side up on your work surface. Carefully adhere the strips along the top and bottom edge of the tape.
step four
Have your child embellish his/her crown with collected bits from nature.
step five
Fit crown to head and attach with one more small piece of tape.
step one
Cut a piece of tape to fit loosely around the wrist: sticky side out.
step two
Decorate as you did for the crown.
Invite your garden royalty to tea! Pin It


  1. Love all those happy colours! The bunny looks so cute sitting in the high-chair.

  2. Gorgeous flowers and color. I love the last days of summer converging with the first days of autumn.
    Congratulations on Bkids. A great place for you to be found.

  3. Ooooo! I can't wait for the rain to go away! I have 3 little girls who are thrilled by these pictures!

  4. can we come to that tea party? that looks amazing!

  5. Where did you get your tea set? It's lovely!

    ADORE this project! I bookmarked it the other day. Such a great idea.

  6. Thanks everyone! Carrie, the tea set is a mixture of vintage, white Ikea tea set, and this one:

    For her third birthday, my daughter received tea sets from several different friends... we mix and match.

  7. What a sweet & perfect table setting, Maya !
    I want to jump in your picture !
    I'm mad for tea parties (eh eh) and anything miniature and flowers and gardens and bunnies ...
    Dreamy ♥

    Kisses from Paris,
    x x x

  8. How truly blessed your children are- this is all so sweet!

  9. The colors are stunning! What a luxurious celebration.

  10. i love grandma bunny!
    sweet crowns, there is so much color and happiness in your day! we too are planning a tea in celebration of the end of summer! so beautiful maya xo

  11. So we finally got to making the flower crowns and cuffs! I saw your post on Artful Parent and got to it! Here is what we made: I especially love how you made something for the bunny too! Hilarious! I only wish we had more variety with our plants during the summertime. Still, HUGE hit! Thanks for the idea!

  12. Maya,

    Thanks for your "nature crowns" project, it was a real hit! I'm a SAHD and organize an art class in the park called MAKE ART in the Los Angeles area. I credited you on my blog, so please check out the photos when you get a chance.

    All the best,


  13. Thank you for this gorgeous inspiration!!!! My kids and I made versions this week and it was such a big hit! I added your link to my recent blog post for Autumn Kids Crafts. Thanks again! Erin